Ultra Jessener’s Peel


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  • Improve Tone and Texture
  • Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Improve Hyperpigmented Areas
  • Correct Sun Damage
  • Improve Mild Scarring
  • Control Oiliness and Slough Comedones

Unleash the Power of Radiant Skin

Composition: Our Ultra Jessner’s Peel is expertly formulated with a potent combination of ingredients:

  • Resorcinol: Helps to exfoliate the skin, promoting a smoother and more even texture.
  • Salicylic Acid: Penetrates deep into the pores, effectively unclogging and minimizing their appearance.
  • Lactic Acid: Gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin, reducing the signs of aging and promoting a youthful glow.
  • Hydroquinone: Targets hyperpigmented areas and helps to correct sun damage, revealing a more balanced and luminous complexion.

Properties: The Ultra Jessner’s Peel offers a wide range of properties that can transform your skin:

  1. Improve Tone and Texture: This peel works to refine the skin’s texture, minimize pores, and enhance overall tone, resulting in a smoother and more even complexion.
  2. Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles: With its powerful exfoliating and rejuvenating properties, the Ultra Jessner’s Peel helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a more youthful-looking skin.
  3. Improve Hyperpigmented Areas: The addition of hydroquinone in the composition targets hyperpigmented areas, such as sunspots or age spots, and assists in brightening and evening out the skin tone.
  4. Correct Sun Damage: The peel’s potent ingredients work together to combat the effects of sun damage, reducing sunspots and improving the overall appearance of sun-damaged skin.
  5. Improve Mild Scarring: Whether it’s acne scars or other mild scarring, the Ultra Jessner’s Peel helps to minimize their visibility, promoting a smoother and more refined skin texture.
  6. Control Oiliness and Slough Comedones: This peel is effective in controlling excessive oiliness, reducing shine, and helping to prevent the formation of comedones, such as blackheads and whiteheads.

Usage: To achieve the best results with the Ultra Jessner’s Peel, follow these usage guidelines:

  1. Cleanse and prepare the skin, ensuring it is free from any oils, makeup, or impurities.
  2. Apply a thin, even layer of the peel solution to the treatment areas, using a brush or applicator. Avoid sensitive areas like the eyes and lips.
  3. Leave the peel on for the recommended time, based on your skin’s sensitivity and the practitioner’s guidance.
  4. Rinse the peel off thoroughly with cool water and gently pat dry.
  5. Apply CC Post-Peel Neutralizer or soothing treatment recommended by your skincare professional.

Note: It is essential to consult with a skincare professional or dermatologist prior to using the Ultra Jessner’s Peel, as they can provide personalized advice based on your specific skin concerns and needs.

Discover the transformative power of our Ultra Jessner’s Peel, formulated to improve tone, texture, and overall skin radiance. Experience the benefits of this advanced peel as it addresses fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and mild scarring, while promoting oil control and a refreshed complexion. Unleash the true potential of your skin with the Ultra Jessner’s Peel.


Frosting can occur naturally when applying acid peels. This is a chemical reaction produced by the interaction of the acid with the proteins on our skin. This is similar to frying albumin or egg white in a pan in which, it turns white. Take note that applying each layer increases the peel concentration by x0.25%. This means that for every layer of 30% peel you apply, it will add 7.5% to the current concentration.

Frosting is desirable. Some areas of the skin might turn white while others will not. The more layers you apply, The higher the chance that frosting will occur. Frosting rarely occurs with weaker acid peels unless 3 or more layers are applied. Frosting is a sign that the skin will surely peel within 7 days.

The skin might appear hard, leathery, and thick during the peeling process. It will also crumple like paper. The colors will also be uneven, Red/Dark/Brown areas are signs of deep peeling and might peel longer than other skin areas. The skin will magically be poreless, brighter, smoother, and baby-smooth after deep peels.


Disclaimer: As with any other cosmetic products, response to our products will vary from person to person and as such, result from one individual does not necessarily mean exact similar result to another.


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